Church of st. Nicholas bishop

Parish Church of St. Peter Nikola occupies a dominant position on the elevation in the village of Hrašćina. There is a rectangular nave, a wider polygonal concluded sanctuary, a bell tower along the northern façade with a north and south chapel. The entire interior of the church is covered by a cycle of wall paintings attributed to assistants Antun Lerchinger and Zagreb painter Antun Archer. In the church there is a quality Baroque inventory. In historical sources it is first mentioned in the canonical visitation of 1334. g. and represents a sacral object with preserved construction phases from Romanesque to Baroque.

Location: Hrašćina
Classification: sacral architectural heritage
Time of creation: 14. St. by 18. St.

Pastor: Vladimir Vizir

Phone: 099 682 5952

Address: Tel: +385 (0)49 283 000


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