Zlatar is connected with neighboring cities by public transport (train, bus). The train runs to zl train station. Bistrica is 5 km away from Zlatar and connected to Zlatar by bus and taxi. By road, Zlatar is well connected with other places. With the eastern part of Zagreb via Sesvete, Kašina and Marija Bistrica, with the western part via Podsused, i.e. Zabok. It is connected with Varaždin via Lepoglava and Ivanec in the west, and Novi Marof in the east.

Two state roads pass through Zlatar Bistrica

  • D24 (Zlatar Bistrica – Donja Konjščina – Budinščina – Novi Marof – Varaždinske Toplice – Ludbreg (D2)) and
  • D29 (Novi Golubovec (D35) – Zlatar Bistrica – Marija Bistrica – Soblinec – Popovec interchange (D3)).

The entire area of the Municipality of Zlatar Bistrica passes through the railway route Zagreb – Varaždin.

The Zagreb-Varaždin railway passes through Konjščina. There is also a railway station in Konjščina. The state road, D24, passes through Konjščin.

Hrašćina is located 32 km from the city of Varazdin and 59 km from the capital Zagreb.

Kitten is 58 km away from the city of Zagreb and 54 km from the city of Varaždin.

Through the municipality of Budinščina passes the railway route Zagreb-Varaždin. Budinščina is 67 km from the city of Zagreb and 33 km from Varaždin.

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