Sokolski dom (Sokolana)

The home of most cultural events in Zlatar is Sokolski dom (Sokolana). This unique building of exceptional architectural, sculptural and painting value, which is why in 2004 the 2004 edition of the 2004 Edition of the 2004 Edition of the 2004 Census of Architectural, Sculptural and Painting was built in The Hague. In 1910, it was declared a cultural asset, built in 1910. In the Art Nouveau style, with the donation of Dr. Juraj Žerjavić, whose name the Open University Zlatar bears today. The interior of the home is adorned with frescoes by the painter Bogumil Caro that emphasize the falcon values expressed in harmony of body and spirit shaping. More than a hundred years since its construction, Sokolana is today about to revive the project of rehabilitation and upgrading whose intention is to harmonize the original construction and architectural value of this cultural property with modern needs in order to achieve the same in the 21st century. In the 19th century, it retained its useful value as the center of the cultural life of the city.


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