Chapel of St. Lovre in Lovrečan

At the end of the municipal road, which leads through Martinac to the state road Zagreb – Varaždin, stands on one side and on the other side the beautiful village of Lovrečan. Already in ancient times, the chapel of St. Lawrence was mentioned there, after which the village got its name. When and by whom this chapel was erected is not known, nor is it, how it originally looked and whether it was wooden or masonry. It was first mentioned in 1334. Ivan archdeacon of Gorički in the list of parishes of the Diocese of Zagreb, as a fiijalu of lobor parish. Until when it fell under lobor parish is unknown to us; It is the year 1639. it belongs to the parish of Oštrčko-zlatarska. Around the middle of the seventeenth century, these chapels disappeared, whether the earthquake knocked it down, burned down or was so dilapidated that they had to demolish it. From the minutes of the canonical roundabout in 1666. We find out that a new one has been erected in place of the old one and that it has been built. It is certain that it was built by the parish priest ivan Gundak (1643–1666), as evidenced by his coat of arms on the ceiling of the nave. This chapel still exists today. Already then it had a Gothic sanctuary, which ended with three sides of an octagon without resistors from the outside.

(literature: History of the Parish of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Zlatar, written by Vjekoslav Noršić, continued by Zvonimir Kurečić, Zlatar, 1994)

Pastor: Rev. Ivan Hrastović
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