Chapel of St. Jakova, Donja Batina

The first mention of the chapel dates back to 1639. years, but is indirectly mentioned in the sources already at 15. and the 16th century. Circa 1786. In 2001, a new chapel was built on the site of the old one. It has the shape of a single-nave building with a conical sanctuary and a tower in the façade. To the Chapel of St. Peter. Jacob was installed in 1805. The altar of St. Barbara from the parish church in Zlatar. The altar is placed in the center as the main altar with the patron saint. James the Apostle and his patron statue. The oldest painting in the chapel, the Crucified Cross painted around 1720, was also transferred from the parish church in Zlatar. years by an unknown author.

Pastor: over. Dragutin Cerovečki
Address: Jurja Žerjavića 2, 49250 Zlatar
Phone: 049 466 218
Phone: 049 466 218
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