Kallay Manor in Grančarska Street

Between Sutla in the west and the Drava in the north-east, which borders Hrvatsko Zagorje at approximately equal distance from both borders is Zlatar Bistrica , which is approximately equally far away and Medvednica and Ivančica on the south and north sides. Precisely this favorable geographical position, emphasized at the end of the last century by the construction of the Varaždin Zagreb railway, enabled the rapid development of this place at the intersection of important roads in the direction of east-west and north-south.

Among the Goldsmith settlements that are older than the municipal center itself, a special place is occupied by Lovrečan with the church of Sv. Lawrence It was first mentioned in 1334. For this church, it is significant that after the renovation in the 17th century, the church was renovated. In the church, a ceiling tabulate in 88 parts was painted in the church, which was restored together with three valuable altars a unique example of interior decoration of the church of this part of Croatia. In the village of Graničari there is a well-preserved and in recent years restored manor of the Kallay family.

In Lovrečan, the labaš family manor has been preserved, which houses the administrative building of “Drvometala”.


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