Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows in Trgovišće

The church is located in the center of the village, at the intersection of roads. The floor plan consists of a semicircular concluded sanctuary, a rectangular nave with side-mounted semicircular chapels and a frontal bell tower. There were a few remodels, and the one from the 18th century. St. a rectangular nave with semicircular side chapels was added and the entire interior was vaulted. Then the chapel gets a characteristic trefoil floor plan rare in continental Croatia. In the chapel there is a valuable, but heavily damaged inventory with stylistic features of Varaždin sculpture in the middle. 18. St. The main altar from 1754. g. it is composed as a frame around the central stone statue of the Mother of God of Sorrows, the work of varaždin sculptor Ivan Jakov Altenbach from 1692. g.

Location: Trgovišće
Classification: sacral architectural heritage
Time of creation: 18th century. to 19th century.

Cultural heritage: Z-2085
Type: immovable cultural property – individually
Legal status: protected cultural property

Pastor: Vladimir Vizir

Phone: 099 682 5952

Address: Tel: +385 (0)49 283 000


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