Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Sword

The parish of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Sword was founded, according to the record, sometime between 1501 and 1501. and 1574. age. In the list of parishes in 1501. It is not yet mentioned, and at the diocesan synod (council), held in 1574. In 2001, for Bishop Draskovic in Zagreb, the “plebanus ecclesiae inMaccye” (parish priest of the church in Mač) was mentioned among others.

The Church in Mač existed even before the founding of the independent parish of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Sword. In fact, it was customary in the Church to proclaim filial chapels parish churches, when the required number of faithful found themselves around them. That the same is the case with the parish church in Mač is confirmed by the tombstone of Moses Homski de Hans, which still stands on the wall of the parish church in Mačo. The Homski de-Hans family was mentioned in the 16th century. Centuries had in her possession Mače, Sutinsko and Poznanovec. It is obvious, then, that the church is at least from that time. A visit from 1639. As. mentions that the parish church in Mač had a new masonry and renovated sanctuary, and the minutes from Podina in 1677. mentions that the church was recently consecrated. Minutes of 1708. Whatever he mentions is that the church is located under the hill and that it is very small.

Due to the too small space, obviously already growing number of believers, there was a need to expand the parish church in Mačo. In 1730. the sacristy, which was on the north side, was demolished, and two chapels were built from this material and from the demolished walls on the north and south sides. On the north side, the Chapel of the Wounded Jesus was built, and on the south side the Chapel of St. Peter was built. Deadline. Thus, the church with the addition of these two chapels significantly expanded the space and acquired the shape of a cross. Next to a huge tower on the south side of the church in 1758. The current sacristy has been added.

The restored and decorated church was dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of the Srebrenica Massacre. July 1822. As. according to the Bishop of Zagreb Vrhovac. According to the regulations of the time, the church could not be consecrated if it did not have at least five altars, and therefore two smaller side altars were erected next to the triumphal arch of the church on the left and right. Judging by the style and appearance and size of these two altarpieces were probably brought from somewhere.

The main altar of the parish church was erected to honor the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary and consecrated together with the church in 1822. age. Our Lady’s statue is a wooden statue with open arms, and next to the main figure on the altar are the statues of St. Peter on the left. Anne and St. St. Jerome’s statues on the right. Joachim and St. Joachim. Augustina.

The small side altar on the left has a picture of St. Peter. The right is a martyr, and the right is dedicated to St. Francis. Joseph and the Image of St. Joseph. Joseph. Both of these pictures of St. St. Vitus and St. Joseph was rebuilt in 1998. age. In the left chapel there is an altar with a statue of Jesus being, restored in 1988. On the right is the altar of St. Peter. Rocco with a very nice statue. The church was built of a lot of bad material. Pressed by time and stormwater flowing from the hill into the foundations and walls of the church, she was always in a miserable and dilapidated state. From time to time, we tried to do something, but without any major results. The church was crying out for a thorough renovation.

It was only in 1995 that a project was made for a thorough renovation of the parish church in Mačo. Everything from the foundation to the top of the tower needed to be restored. This work was approached in stages. The church floors were repaired, strengthened and drained with a thorough reconstruction of the church’s environment. The roof and the roof cover itself are largely repaired, and partly made new. The magnifying tower was replaced by a new copper sheet along with all the sheet metal. A new façade plaster was placed on all the walls from the top of the tower to the foundation with the prior alienation of the old and repairof the walls themselves. The façade of the Church is repainted, and the environment is thoroughly decorated, paved and greened. The three-year stage renovation was a success and the parish church in Mačo shone with new splendor.

Among the many praises of foreign and domestic dignitaries and experts is certainly worth mentioning the praise of the Archbishop of Zagreb, Cardinal Franjo Kuharić, the first believer of all Croats.

Pastor: Rev. Marko Toplak
Address: Kitten 33, 49251 Kitten
Phone: 049 466 186
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