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Piramida – Postcard near Hraščina
Thus Branimir Pipinić, teacher and principal of the Hrašćina school, in the June issue of “Croatian Mountaineer” in 1954. titled an article by which he published the opening ceremony of the 9 m high wooden pyramid, which was built by the locals and schoolchildren of Hrašćina with their own initiative, funds and hands. The ceremony was held on June 6, 1954. The construction was encouraged by Pipinić himself, who was also the founder of the Hrašćina Mountaineering Society. From the opening onwards, a triangular-shaped mountaineering mark with a prominent height of the elevation (350m) and an entry book, located in the nearest family house, were put into use. The pyramid was visited and enjoyed by numerous visitors, mostly students of the nearby school and hikers, because from its top (and other nearby locations) according to the locals, at that time of the youth, during beautiful nights you can see the lights of mountain houses on the peaks of the Alps. Teacher Pipinić and his family were moved to another place and school for a while, and the work of PD Hrašćina died down. The pyramid has become old and worn out. During this period, a hunting unit operated in Hrašćina within the LD Narodni lovac (since 1937).
It was a time of enthusiasm, exceptional enthusiasm, but also of enormous dedication of every hunter and their friends, writes Dragutin Zajec in his book “Hunting Society Srndač Hrašćina Trgovišće”. The enormous engagement of young hunters, and with the contribution and assistance in the material and equipment of the Krško, TPP Jertovec, Elektrode Konjščina, Elektrokontakt Zlatar Bistrica, started the construction of a new, 14 m high iron pyramid made of the construction of a power line column. The official name of the building is the Hunting-Mountaineering Pyramid, and the opening ceremony was held on July 5, 1980. The pyramid is inscribed in the Mountaineering Map of Croatia.
The facility is registered in the land register as the property of LD Srndač Hrašćina Trgovišće. The pyramid is visited by many hikers and travelers, and in winter it serves hunters as a high wait when hunting. In 2007, students and teachers of elementary school Hrašćina tried to revive the viewpoint and memory of teacher Pipinić by founding the educational trail “Pipinić’s path”. Features were placed (signposts, notification boards with eco-orders, safety warning on the lookout, info cabinet near the lookout, benches and a table of stumps) and two school years. for students, the educational path is used to maintain project days and study in nature. The Municipality of Hrašćina has included the trail in its project of thematic routes “Meteorite crash site- manor pl. “The Way of The Peasants.” 2014. g. as a memorial to the initiative of the members of HPD “Vinica” Duga Resa to start with the realization of the long-planned construction of the pyramid – the viewpoint on Vinica, the mountaineering bypass “Vrhovi Hrvatske s piramida” was established. The bypass log includes 11 checkpoints, 11 peaks in Croatia where the pyramid – a lookout is located. Thus, the Pyramid of Croatia (KT Šijan 351 m) found itself in the bypass together with KT Vinica, Japetić, Plešivica, Ivanščica, Javorova Kosa, Lipa, Grohot, Ravna Gora, Nevoljaš, Kapovac. The tour is proved by the stamp of the top stamp at the designated place in the diary provided by pd “Vinica”. When all 11 of the listed checkpoints are visited and the tour is proven with a diary, the mountaineer is rewarded with a numbered badge. Read more about it on the web, on the pages of PD “Vinica”. Two new trademarks were created. One is in the Winery Bolfan Vinski Vrh, and the other at the Club of lovers of native heritage Hrašćina. Also, pd “Ravna Gora” from Varaždin renewed the traditional visit to the pyramid. The campaign was initiated by a senior group, called “Lucijan’s Visit”, and includes the train route from Varaždin to Hrašćina Trgovišća and a hike from the railway station to the Njeguš manor (pl. The drink of St. St. Mark’s Tombstone, a Roman tombstone near St. Mark’s. Ana in Hrašćina, the pyramids at The Hill of Šijan, to the chapel of St. Ana in Hrašćina, to the chapel of St. Ana. Benedict and return to budinščina railway station. The road map can be seen on the website of PD “Ravna Gora”. The hike is dedicated to the longtime member of pd “Ravna Gora” Lucijano Smokvina, who was often a guide to this forgotten mountaineering destination.


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