Maple Path of Health

Maple health trail and educational trail Šumarica

Educational trail “Šumarica” is part of the “Health Trail” HPD “Javor” Zlatar Bistrica. From the center of the Municipality of Zlatar Bistrica in the direction of Konjščina, near Kalajevo branch, along the centuries-old poplar trees is the beginning of the taught trail “Šumarica”. The trail leads through the Šinjačkovina forest, which was named after the šinački priest family who had a manor and estate here.

The trail is 2 km long. It has 9 educational boards: Đurek’s grove, Animal world, From our history, Forest pond, Rare and endangered plants, Beech, Sessile Oak, Crossroads of Forest Trails, Mushrooms and Anthill.

Location: Zlatar Bistrica


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