As part of the Kajkavian Word Day Zlatar 2022, on Saturday 1. In October, the traditional ethno-event Pajdaški sprijehajanje will be held.

Participants of Pajdaški spraying compete in the presentation of traditional Zagorje customs, on arranged wagons or as organized groups of pedestrians.

If participants come with a wagon or trailer pulled by a tractor or other vehicle, there must be at least two people on the wagon, while each organized group of pedestrians must consist of at least five people.

All participants, regardless of the category, must show some of the traditional Zagorje customs and be sure to be dressed in folk costumes or clothes that match the display, otherwise they will not be taken into account when accrediting competitors.

Each friend group must have its own name and explain what it will show when registering and adhere to it on the day of Sprehanja.

The pajdaški spree will take place on 1 January 2007. October 2022 In 2001, with the adherence to epidemiological measures. All registered groups will gather at the Fairgrounds in Zlatar at 6:15 p.m. After the accreditation, the jury will review and evaluate all the representations that meet the requirements of the competition, and after that the groups will present themselves on the stage at the Croatian Youth Park according to their ordinal number. Each group that meets the requirements of the application immediately after the presentation on stage receives a prize for participation, namely 1000 kuna in the category of wagons and 500 kuna in the category of pedestrians.

All groups compete equally for one of the three awards decided by the Jury, primarily valuing the originality and originality of the presented. The first prize is HRK 5,000.00 and the Golden Lamp, the second prize is HRK 4,000, and the third prize is HRK 3,000.00.

You can apply on the mobile number 091/405 0648 or by e-mail: to 26. September.


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