Gallery of Original Art Zlatar

The Gallery of Original Art in Zlatar was created as the only one in Croatia that gathered about two hundred authors who gave it their works. Since 2006. In 2007, it operated as an independent institution and as such was officially registered in 2007. age. Today’s holdings include about 500 works of art, of which are extremely valuable paintings: Očurska limestone, Floating Nude, Krapina Neanderthal (author: Matthias Skurjeni), Old Slaven, Changing ancestors, Matija Gubec, Bata with four trades, My wife (author: Sava Sekulić), At lunch (author: Dragan Gaži), Spring flowers, Landscape of my village, Blooming tree (author: Ivan Rabuzin) and many others.

Gallery of Original Art Zlatar organizes exhibitions occasionally and by appointment. The gallery can be viewed with prior notice and agreement.

Contact person: Božena Slunjski
tel: +385 99 221 0700
e-mail :


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