Church of the Holy Cross in The Holy Cross

The Church of Our Lady of Sorrows is in a dominant position outside the settlement. A simple church of Renaissance-early Baroque features consists of an elongated nave and a semicircular sanctuary of equal width and a sacristy on the north side. In front of the entrance to the sacristy, a cross-vaulted porch was added, while the massive bell tower is part of the main façade. Basically the chapel retained the characteristics of the crossing 16. on 17th century. in an elongated corpus of a nave with a spacious sanctuary of a semicircular conclusion. An additional interesting feature is the absence of an otherwise characteristic reduction of the ship in the 18th century. so the chapel probably retained its original wooden tabulate for a long time. The eponymous main altar originates from the second pole. 17th century.

Under the designation Z-2089 it is listed as an immovable cultural property – individually, legal status of protected cultural property, classified as “sacral architectural heritage”.


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