Days of kajkavian words

The cultural event “Days of kajkavian words” is the central manifestation of the goldsmith’s region, which is traditionally held at the end of September. Launched in 1970. Over time, the event has been enriched with ethno, entertainment and sports facilities that attract more and more visitors to the town of Zlatar. Its main goals are to nurture and preserve kajkavian words, culture and traditions, as well as to enrich cultural and social life and tourist development of the city of Zlatar and the northeastern part of Krapina-Zagorje County.

Public Open University Dr. Juraj Žerjavić Zlatar is the holder of the organization and coordinator of the entire program, in whose realization it cooperates with the city of Zlatar, Radija Zlatar d.o.o., City Library, Gallery of Original Art, Tourist Board of Zlatar, elementary schools from Zlatar and Belac, Secondary School Zlatar, Association of Craftsmen Zlatar and numerous goldsmithand belečki associations and other institutions.

Pal prevention

Pajdaški sprehiranje in the narrow sense is a traditional event with ethno features intended for the presentation of old Zagorje customs and crafts that teams of competitors show on appropriately decorated wagons, horse-drawn carriages or as organized groups of citizens (of at least 10 people). The idea is that each team presents faithfully some of the traditional crafts, rural affairs or customs (millers, blacksmiths, vintages, butchers, peručeha, lupitva, farmers, weddings, congratulations…). When judging, the jury evaluates the fidelity of the display of customs, the effort invested, and the overall impression and appearance of the group, each of which is presented separately on stage. All teams receive a reward for their efforts, the best additional prizes, and the overall winner receives the traditional Golden Lantern. The organizer of this event is Radio Zlatar d.o.o.

Spider spraying is accompanied by other outdoor facilities. Since 2010, the Association of Craftsmen Zlatar organizes the Fair of Traditional and Artistic Crafts, and its products are also represented by family farms. In 2011, the Open University of Dr. Juraj Žerjavić Zlatar launched an exhibition of traditional dishes and handicrafts “Po starinski”, which has since been organized by the Women’s Association in Zlatar and has hosted related associations from krapina-zagorje county. In addition to these and other permanent and occasional events such as old-timer exhibitions, mushroom exhibitions, scout meetings, etc., the open-air program is accompanied by gastronomic offer, tastings organized by associations, local music…

Regular sports facilities consist of the fishing cup ŠRD “Trout”, tennis tournament ŠTK Zlatar and cycling tour BK “Lastavica”. “Days of Kajkavian Word” were held over time thanks to the dedicated work of amateurs and employees of the Open University Dr. Juraj Žerjavić Zlatar, but also the support of patrons, donors and sponsors who for many years recognize the importance of preserving native culture.

Events in Belac

2011. In 2009, the Open University of Dr. Juraj Žerjavić Zlatar included in the program the organization of part of the content of the event in Belac, a settlement in the area of the city of Zlatar, which is one of the cradles of the organization of the event “Kajkavian Word Day”. Since then, one day has been dedicated to events organized at several locations in Belac by the Elementary School and Belečke associations. At the time of the event, the Open University Zlatar, PhD, in cooperation with the Varaždin Concert Office, organizes a guest concert of the Varaždin Baroque Evenings held at the same time in the famous Baroque Church of St. Mary of the Snow.


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