Konjščin bayeri and planned construction center

Konjščin bajeri are a natural pearl, but also one of the many traces of the rich mining history of the Municipality of Konjščina where there were many sites where coal lignite was excavated.

In the 1960s, the closure and abandonment of mining pits began, and the trace of mining is most pronounced in two segments: the emergence of bajer and the planned center, then primarily for the needs of miners and workers of the thermal power plant. Abandoned mine shafts filled with groundwater and thus created today a beautiful green oasis that attracts more and more nature lovers. At the time of greatest development, the center of the settlement was called “Zagorje Velenje”, and its Urban Plan from 1959. In 2001, he received the second prize at the International Exhibition in London as a very successful urban planning solution.


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