Parish of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Zlatar

The Parish of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Zlatar is mentioned in the two oldest lists of parishes of the Archdiocese of Zagreb (from 1334 and 1501) as a parish with the church of St. Peter. Martin under the sharpener. It is 1699. In 1751, the parish priest nikola Šišnački moved the parish seat from Martinšćina to Zlatar, the old church of Our Lady of God in Zlatar became too small, so it was upgraded for the parish priests of Juraj Bišćan and Matija Antun Lončarić from 1751 to 1751. by 1762. age. The church is 22. August 1762. consecrated by archdeacon of Zagorje, Bishop Stjepan Pucz.

Pastor: over. Dragutin Cerovečki
Address: Jurja Žerjavića 2, 49250 Zlatar
Phone: 049/379-053
Mobile: 098/915-3241
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