Church of Sv. Petar in Gotalovac

Church of st. Petra dominates on a separate hill, away from the village of Gotalovec in the far northeast of Krapina-Zagorje County. It was first mentioned in 1639. g. as the castle chapel of the Gotalovec burga, in which the manor family Gothal had their own tomb. It consists of three basic units: a rectangular nave and a square sanctuary to which the former polygonal grave chapel of Gothala is connected. It retained the Gothic corpus of naves and shrines and is by its typology a longitudinal building, a somewhat lower and narrower shrine of four-dimensional shape that belongs in time in the 15th century. St. The increase of the Gothic chapel into today’s Baroque church took place from 16/17. St. by mid-18. St.

Under the designation Z-3514 it is listed as an immovable cultural property – individually, legal status protected cultural property, classified as “sacral architectural heritage”.


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