Days of Municipality and Parish of Konjščina

The Day of the Municipality and The Parish of Konjščina is traditionally held on 8. August with the feast of St. August. Dominic, patron saint of the parish ( Church of St. Dominic Dominica- parish church in Konjščina) and The Municipality of Konjščina. Through numerous events held in our Municipality in those days, the main event is the competition of local boards (16 of them) in cooking kotlovina and pulling ropes.

According to weather conditions, kayaking is also held, related to the competitive part of the local boards. Through three days of events, there is something for everyone, from cultural, entertainment and competitive events. The presentation of associations from the municipality of Konjščina is also held in one of those days, and then the Associations present their work for a year. Children’s Day is reserved for our youngest. With a rich gastronomic offer, everyone will find something for themselves. The main and most festive day is 08. August, when st. Mass and solemn session of the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Konjščina. In addition to the sports part, it is important and very important to note that the main activity for athletes is the “Dečec Cup” on the football field of the football club Sloga, Konjščina. The traditional tournament is held by the age of limača and is the motto of all events within the Days of the Municipality of Konjščina.


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