ZOO Ervenik

Hunjak Family Zoo, located at 86 Ervenik. The area of the estate is 12000m2, there are about 150 birds, 20 goats and 2 Vietnamese pigs. There is also an old “house” in which the ethno collection is located. In the house you can see an old-fashioned bed, a restored wardrobe, over a hundred years old, wooden chests in which bed linen used to be kept, Zagorje folk costume, zipka, spinning wheel, grindstone for grinding corn, iron on “žerafka”, clay pots in which milk used to be sour, tuna, grater for scrubbing beets, figs, two old singers and many other items. From the old books you can see the Beginner for the Elementary School from 1911. g. and the Catholic calendar of 1898. There is a traditional Zagorje souvenir of tamburica.

Contact number: 0989409788
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